Enabling Robust Media Monitoring, Logging, and Content-Generation Through Shift to New Broadcast Standard


With the ability to support 4K UHD, high dynamic range, high frame rate, and wide color gamut and the potential to enable a much richer and more interactive array of broadcast and internet-delivered services, the ATSC 3.0 standard represents a significant advance for the broadcast industry. As standards work is completed, best practices developed, and workflows refined within the ATSC 3.0 realm, the Volicon Media Intelligence service from Verizon Digital Media Services will continue to provide the same robust video monitoring, logging, and multiplatform content-generation tools that are fundamental to today’s broadcast and production workflows.

ATSC 3.0 will make a tremendous impact on broadcast operations and services. From the perspective of the Volicon Media Intelligence Service, however, it is simply another of the advanced standards and formats — like UHD and HEVC — that it supports. As a result, users can continue to leverage the technology as a unified monitoring platform for both broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) services, managing an increasing number of channels and platforms while maintaining high service quality.

The service features a browser-based interface through which users can quickly search and find content, view video through an integrated media player, and easily export and share content with collaborators or provide it as proof of broadcast. As broadcasters extend linear and/or nonlinear services, the platform’s recording capability and multiviewer functionality offer easy access to multiple live or recorded programs, complemented by frame-accurate data, while its dashboarding traffic-light approach allows them to monitor numerous linear and OTT channels — and all their renditions — and quickly identify technical issues.

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