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Media Monitoring

In the area of media monitoring and analysis, organizations, corporations, and government entities use Observer products' extensive search capabilities to track their presence and image within the media. In some broadcast markets, operators use their Observer systems for competitive analysis and monitoring, taking advantage of the system's ability to import external data, such as ratings information, for side-by-side competitive analysis of multiple news broadcasts.

Media monitoring is an essential tool for public relations departments, public information offices, or any other organization that relies on the ability to record, access, and view broadcast content. In particular, law enforcement organizations, city governments, and branches of state and federal governments around the globe are turning to the Observer as the antidote to the inefficiencies, inferior recording quality, inflexibility, and high storage costs of videotape. The Observer provides a superior means of recording aired content and making it easy to access and share with colleagues and customers.

Effective media monitoring can help government organizations of all sizes gauge how department messages are being communicated and received by the public, enforce compliance with broadcasting regulations, and keep officials informed of breaking news and developments that have a direct impact on agency operations. The Observer is an ideal media monitoring solution, giving officials instantaneous access to information and bringing new efficiencies to the public information department that were never before possible with tape-based processes. Officials can quickly search and retrieve content from numerous sources using the Observer's advanced closed caption indexing capabilities. They can set keyword alerts and receive proactive notifications when specific words appear in a broadcast, and they can even flag specific audio cues within radio or TV broadcasts using the Content Matching module. And, with the Observer's Scheduled Recording module, users can automatically capture only the content they need appearing at a specific time or on a specific channel.


Volicon Observer is the award-winning, digital video logging and monitoring solution for off-air asset monitoring. With an intuitive web-based interface, users can remotely or locally access Observer Enterprise for a comprehensive range of compliance, media monitoring, quality management and content verification tasks for television station groups and broadcast networks. Whether it's real-time multi-channel media monitoring, ad verification, compliance logging, or programming evaluation, Observer is the right solution for your broadcast enterprise.