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Cable, Satellite, and IPTV Providers

With a continuously increasing amount of programming, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators are challenged to do more with less. Today, they must be able to proactively monitor and quickly troubleshoot items from the details of MPEG metadata all the way down to the quality of the rendered content. The Observer product family is the industry standard for video monitoring and logging, and captures, stores, and indexes broadcast content from multiple channels, offering users simultaneous, 24/7 access to content.

The Observer product family for cable, satellite, and IPTV providers includes:

Observer RPM

The Volicon Observer® RPM (Remote Program Monitor) is the next generation in video service assurance for cable, IPTV, mobile, and satellite video service providers who need to automatically evaluate the quality of their linear, on-demand, and interactive content and advertising. Based on the core technology of Volicon's award-winning Observer broadcast monitoring system, the Observer RPM is a post-set top box (STB) solution that allows operators to monitor hundreds of channels, troubleshoot real-time video issues, and verify broadcast content and advertising in a 24x7 log. By providing a remote view of the customer's experience, at the point the customer experiences it (post-STB), the RPM enables providers to identify and troubleshoot problems quickly before they turn into customer complaints and to avoid costly chronic troubleshooting sessions.

Observer Scout

The Observer Scout is Volicon's latest cost-effective yet powerful video network monitoring device that enables Broadcasters, Networks, as well as Cable and IPTV operators to pro-actively perform quality checks at audio/video (A/V) service handoffs to ensure the highest quality of experience (QoE) for their customers. With an intuitive web-based interface, Observer Scout enables operators to detect issues before their customers do –providing peace-of-mind coverage for their valuable content.

With linear, on-demand and interactive services, along with Quality of Experience (QoE) based content monitoring solution for recording, remote viewing, and troubleshooting of A/V feeds, Observer Scout is the next-generation of award-winning Volicon-based products that can do more with a much smaller footprint and price tag.

Observer TS

With continuous logging of MPEGtransport streams, monitoring program Quality of Experience, and the ability to seamlessly export and stream MPEG TS or low resolution proxies, the Observer TS allows for efficient operation with WAN and enterprise wide clients. Logging the native MPEG TS greatly simplifies troubleshooting, chronic resolution, and regulatory proof of conformance.
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The Observer products are CE-certified for sale in EU countries.