Review on-air content, validate ad placement, and perform competitive analysis

The power to monitor competitive channels, review ratings, and evaluate content quality is essential, especially in the world of competitive sports and news.
In the newsroom, where time is always of the essence, broadcasters want the ability to compare and review program content from competing channels, ratings, and ad placement.
The Review application promotes collaboration between producers, editors, sales, and research departments and provides the tools to create winning content strategies for increased ratings, insightful competitive analysis, and improved strategies for increasing advertising revenues.



Review profiles a single easy to use tool for collaborating between departments.


See how your competitors are performing with in-depth and insightful competit


Closed Caption Search allows for quick location of specific subject mentions within the recorded programming you’re reviewing

Review provides a single browser-based interface to perform ad verification tasks, and ensure all of your ads are/have been running smoothly.


Modules for the Review Application

The Active Directory Integration Module allows users to login a single time on the active directory server, thereby eliminating the need for multiple logins, across multiple servers. Once logged into the Active Directory server, the user is logged in with the same credentials set by the administrator. By integrating Observer into the active directory domain, a transparent user login and pre-assigned user privileges are enabled.

Monitoring DVB subtitles, decoding, recording and playback is a task that broadcasters need in order to ensure proper execution and compliance with regulations. Observer alerts on missing DVB subtitles to assure full proof of conformance.

Eliminate not only the cumbersome and expensive task of extracting AC-3 audio, de-embedding, decoding externally, and re-embedding it back as PCM audio, but also the need for additional equipment and cabling. Volicon saves time and money by natively processing AC-3 audio without the need for an external AC-3 decoder and re-embedder.s.

The Observer™ Multicast Module, either the high-quality original or a lower-resolution proxy version of the live stream, supports confidence monitoring applications, providing executives with remote visibility into the network operations center (NOC) environment. It also supports enterprise-wide IPTV systems, pairing with set-top boxes to enable the scaling of Observer systems across the enterprise WAN and provisioning of content to a large number of users.

As the amount of produced high quality content in­creases, the rising need to retain content for longer periods of time for reuse, and long-term storage has become a challenge. Providing multiple simultaneous users with random access to an indexed store of full-resolution, high-bit-rate (long-GOP H.264, 9-15 Mbps) content, as well as low-resolution proxies, Volicon’s Archiver makes programming, promos, and adver­tisements readily available for use cases ranging from ad verification to repurposing.

Integrate with an existing automation system with the Content Verification module.  Users can look up logged content according to program name, media ID, or other data from the as-run log.  Automatic importation of common as-run logs simplifies finding content for ad verification and compliance purposes.

Advertising agencies, Government Organizations, and Media Companies are continuously challenged with keeping tabs on their competitors, brands and exclusive content. The Content Matching Module (CMM) from Volicon is for organizations that need to measure or be notified automatically when certain A/V assets (i.e. keyword or slogan) are broadcast either live or from a previously recorded session for immediate advertising analytics. Fully integrated with the Observer content monitoring platform, the CMM can be set up and operate either as a standalone system or be integrated into other systems.

The Rating Import module allows business units to understand the popularity of aired content. By importing viewer approval ratings data into Observer, users can easily view multiple channels of content with a synchronized ratings graph. Side-by-side comparison of assets or competitor offerings is facilitated by one unified interface.

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