Professional Services

Start to finish, Volicon’s Professional Services Team ensures success with every implementation.

Professional Services

Volicon’s Professional Services Group  offers a full suite of services for each customer’s deployment and training needs. With services from consulting, strategy development , design, and planning, our team of highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals are committed to each customers’ success.

Professional services Brochure

For in-depth details on Volicon’s professional services, download our informative brochure.


Deployment Services

Volicon’s Professional Services Team offers full deployment services that help define and design solutions that meet your specific business and technology objectives. Each project is assigned a team consisting of a highly skilled engineer and designated Project Manager, a plan is developed that defines the optimal configurations based on specified requirements and environment, and this team is commissioned with overseeing every aspect of the Volicon system deployment.


To ensure a consistent, timely, thorough deployment, the Project Manager coordinates all the deliveries directly with the Customer. The Deployment Team also works to understand the network, infrastructure topology and constraints, and will provide appropriate recommendations for optimal deployment.

Remote Installation/ Deployment

Upon receipt of systems, the deployment team provides an installation plan and works with the customer to ensure all servers are properly racked and connected. Once remote connection is established, the deployment team begins remote system configuration. This is done quickly and accurately without further customer involvement – leaving a polished, ready to use solution in place with no hassle for the customer, and no concerns for the future.

Onsite Installation/ Deployment

While many of our customers are happy with remote deployments, there are cases that prefer Volicon Professional Services team to oversee the installation and deployment onsite. Some larger configurations will automatically qualify for on-site installation, deployment, and training. With either deployment, we are committed to the full performance of the system and complete satisfaction.


Through the Professional Services Team, Volicon offers onsite, web-based and custom training. To help ensure the most value of the Volicon system, training is available both for Users and Administrators that can be purchased by session, or as a package. User training includes a detailed overview of the front-end and teaches users what they need to know for daily use of the Volicon system. While the interface is intuitive and easy to use, there are many ‘tips and tricks’, which will greatly enhance user’s ability within their current workflow, and make the most out of the Volicon systems. The Administrator’s training provides a greater look into the back-end of the system, including encoder configuration, storage duration, alerting thresholds, resolution, bitrate, user management, and other valuable tools that may assist in supporting the system in the future.

Project Management Services Include:
  • Deployment Planning
  • Project Management
  • Integration and implementation
  • Technical training
  • Continuing education

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