Award-Winning Solution Plays Key Role in Transition to Tapeless Workflow

BURLINGTON, Mass. — July 16, 2009 — Volicon today announced that the M6 Group, one of France’s leading media companies, has implemented the Volicon Observer® for around-the-clock digital monitoring, recording, and logging of all nine of the network’s free-to-air television channels. The Observer provides a centralized and easy-to-use method for M6 operators to access all aired video in order to assist in transmission troubleshooting, advertising verification, and competitive analysis.

Prior to purchasing the Observer, the M6 Group relied on a tape-based system utilizing VCRs to record aired content. The outdated system had become too time-consuming and labor-intensive for the production staff, tying them up with manual tasks such as changing and filing videotapes and searching through volumes of taped content to located desired clips. M6 chose the Observer as a key component in its broader initiative to convert operations to a digital, tapeless workflow.

“Of the systems we evaluated, the Observer came out on top in terms of its ease of use and the quality of the recorded video,” said Christophe Foglio, director of technology for M6. “We have been very impressed with the system’s performance and the level of service we’ve gotten from Volicon, who has been very responsive to our special requests. Now, our operators can instantly access recorded video from any channel, from any workstation connected to our network — and it is very easy to share video content with anyone inside and outside the organization.”

Installed at M6’s main broadcast center in Paris, the Observer is capable of monitoring up to 12 broadcast channels. For quality troubleshooting, the system automatically detects transmission errors such as black screen, audio problems, or macroblocking and sends an e-mail notification to engineers together with a clip of the video in question. Sales representatives are able to access the recorded video and send clips to advertisers to demonstrate that commercials aired as contracted. Since all video is automatically indexed according to French closed caption, Teletext, and as-run logs, accessing and retrieving video is as simple as searching on closed caption terms or air times and dates. M6’s latest application of the Observer is for competitive analysis, since the system enables operators to view its own broadcasts side-by-side with those of its competitors together with ratings information.

“M6’s adoption of the Observer on such a strategic and large-scale level demonstrates the momentum that is building for our award-winning technology in the French marketplace,” said Julius Perl, vice president of marketing for Volicon. “Like broadcasters in many other countries, M6 has recognized the value of an all-digital, IT-based solution for video logging and monitoring for more efficient operations and effort-free quality assurance.”

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About M6 Group
M6 is the second generalist FTA channel on the commercial target of the under 50 years old audience. The Group has developed a family of nine channels, including Paris Première, Téva, and W9. M6 Group has also developed diversification businesses, as publishing activities (collections, licensing, music) via its subsidiary M6 Interactions, Internet via the M6 Web subsidiary, proposing approximately 50 Web sites, and mobile phone services with the successful (1.5 million clients) M6 mobile by Orange agreement, dedicated to 15-25 years old.

M6 Group is now facing the digital revolution as a multimedia player. The group centralizes and allocates the channels’ contents on all media, such as mobile broadcasting and new video on demand services. M6 Group consolidated revenues amounted to 1 354.9 M€ in 2008.
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About Volicon
Volicon develops and markets turnkey digital video archiving and streaming solutions, including the award-winning Observer® multichannel video monitoring and logging system, for the television broadcast and telecommunications industries, cable programmers, cable MSOs, and corporate and government markets. Volicon’s proprietary video processing system, comprised of a video encoder and streaming engine, gives a large number of users simultaneous access to multiple channels of video content over a network. More information is available at