Instantly Monitor and Review your broadcast quality across the entire broadcast chain

While realizing new outlets for distribution and added opportunities for revenue generation, content providers and distributors also must deal with complex new delivery infrastructures and the task of assuring the integrity and quality of content through distribution to the target device.
Volicon’s Monitor application gives broadcasters the ability to monitor linear broadcasting channels, streaming media and OTT through to the user-device.



Real-time QoE alerts for the most common impairments such as black and static screens or missing audio


Watch multiple live or recorded programs on monitor wall or with your desktop interface. Use path monitoring, QoE traffic light widgets tied to geo-location to inspect or troubleshoot a suspect stream without delay. Learn More 


Monitor how CDN delivers your video renditions and related metadata.


Monitor offers scalable 24/7 recording and remote broadcast monitoring – able to operate on a global WAN


Modules for the Monitor Application

The NAVE Decoding, Logging, and Alerting module ratings assurance tool enables broadcasters or networks to ensure proper transmission and delivery of NAVE codes to Nielsen monitoring equipment. With logging of NAVE IDs (SIDs) along with the broadcast content, users can troubleshoot more effectively while monitoring video service provider return feeds to ensure they receive appropriate ratings credit for advertisements.

The Quality of Experience module analyzes logged content continuously for a variety of signal faults. With flexible, individually-settable alert thresholds, notifications are delivered via e-mail or SNMP traps. The quality measurement thresholds are configured per channel to optimize performance and error reporting.

The Multiviewer for Volicon’s Observer Media Intelligence Platform enables us­ers to watch multiple live or recorded programs on a network wall and use the desktop interface to inspect or troubleshoot a suspect stream without delay. The platform captures and stores content from any source and enables users to review that content in real time, from anywhere and at any time, for applications ranging from compliance, quality assurance, and competitive analysis to production and repurposing for multiple platforms and social media outlets.

To help broadcasters and other operators conform to DPI requirements in SCTE-35/104, Volicon’s DPI Monitoring module enables the monitoring, logging, and frame-accurate display of content along with the metadata and in/out point markers needed to determine if DPI messages were conveyed properly. With this module, Volicon eliminates the need to measure streams with an in-depth transport stream analyzer and to calculate the frame in which the insertion occurs.

As the amount of produced high quality content in­creases, the rising need to retain content for longer periods of time for reuse, and long-term storage has become a challenge. Providing multiple simultaneous users with random access to an indexed store of full-resolution, high-bit-rate (long-GOP H.264, 9-15 Mbps) content, as well as low-resolution proxies, Volicon’s Archiver makes programming, promos, and adver­tisements readily available for use cases ranging from ad verification to repurposing.

The Active Directory Integration Module allows users to login a single time on the active directory server, thereby eliminating the need for multiple logins, across multiple servers. Once logged into the Active Directory server, the user is logged in with the same credentials set by the administrator. By integrating Observer into the active directory domain, a transparent user login and pre-assigned user privileges are enabled.

Monitoring DVB subtitles, decoding, recording and playback is a task that broadcasters need in order to ensure proper execution and compliance with regulations. Observer alerts on missing DVB subtitles to assure full proof of conformance.

Eliminate not only the cumbersome and expensive task of extracting AC-3 audio, de-embedding, decoding externally, and re-embedding it back as PCM audio, but also the need for additional equipment and cabling. Volicon saves time and money by natively processing AC-3 audio without the need for an external AC-3 decoder and re-embedder.

The Observer™ Multicast Module, either the high-quality original or a lower-resolution proxy version of the live stream, supports confidence monitoring applications, providing executives with remote visibility into the network operations center (NOC) environment. It also supports enterprise-wide IPTV systems, pairing with set-top boxes to enable the scaling of Observer systems across the enterprise WAN and provisioning of content to a large number of users.

Observer® OTT-Cloud and OTT-Device are solutions for logging (recording) and monitoring the over-the-top (OTT) services that stream content to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Observer OTT offers broadcasters, networks, and video service providers a quality monitoring and compliance logging solution for multiplatform media delivery. These solutions assure that content is delivered with optimal quality on a diversity of devices. A variety of encodings, ad insertion, and target devices across multiple OTT services makes logging and monitoring necessary. Observer OTT offers a valuable look into the consumer experience of streamed content.

Integrate with an existing automation system with the Content Verification module.  Users can look up logged content according to program name, media ID, or other data from the as-run log.  Automatic importation of common as-run logs simplifies finding content for ad verification and compliance purposes.

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