Media Intelligence

Transform the way you Create, Share and Monitor your broadcast product

The Media Intelligence Service records all types of broadcast content across multiple interfaces (SDI, TS, Analog & OTT), and stores content for up 7 years in either high-resolution or low res proxies. With this solution you’re able to view your content with a variety of players and formats, search and find content quickly with closed captioning, and export and share content easily with collaborators.

The platform is an enterprise-grade, highly reliable solution that is scalable to hundreds channels and thousands of users.

Media Intelligence Service 

Volicon’s Media Intelligence Service™ suite of applications will transform the way you create, share & monitor your broadcasts.

Search, clip and publish content for web, social media, and team collaboration. Integrate with CMSs and OVPs

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Volicon and Uplynk Video Streaming for fast, economical launch of OTT offerings.

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Increase ratings, gain insightful competitive analysis, and improve strategies for increased advertising revenues

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Ensure that compliance standards are met and exceeded with Volicon’s 24/7 Logging

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Monitor broadcast quality, report faults, and use full recording to instantly evaluate the source of detected errors

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