Volicon Customer Quotes

Volicon has proved to be a very responsive and supportive partner, and we appreciate the many different benefits the company’s media intelligence platform has brought to our operations here in Brazil and worldwide,”...“The system has become very popular internally, particularly because multiple groups within our organization — including engineering, sales, and the programming staff —  can access its flexible, user-friendly interface on their iPhone® and iPad® devices at any time to see everything that’s going to air and evaluate it or compare it with scheduling. The Observer has worked very well for us, and we’re continually looking at additional applications where we can extend use of the technology across TV Globo offices.Eduardo Ferreira, engineering manager
TV Globo

The bottom line is that promotion — and how effective you are with it — is what’s important in news,”...“Though we bought the Volicon Observer as a verification tool that would enable anyone in the company to look back and confirm that a spot aired correctly — and it performs this job very well — today I’d say its value in promotions is the most compelling benefit for our stations.Brady Dreasler, corporate director of engineering
Quincy Newspapers

The Volicon Observer TS system not only addresses the full range of services related to logging, but also gives us a complete solution that doesn’t require any adaptation on our part,”...“The Observer is an all-in-one solution that simplifies operations while helping us to enhance the value of our staff. On-duty monitoring personnel enjoy convenient remote access, with a clear and near-instantaneous view of any monitored channel. Both technical and non-technical staff can work confidently with logs, thanks to the ease with which they can access content and data. I really count on those capabilities to improve the quality of our deliveries.”

“TV5MONDE is big on subtitles, and with the ability to log our full multi-program transport stream, we can closely monitor the outgoing service,”...“The combination of the Observer’s logging capability with our automation system’s on-air logs makes service checks easy, and content can be extracted and shared via email. With such capabilities, the possibilities for leveraging the Observer system are wide open."

Mallory Delaporte-Bernues, system engineer

By providing return video, automatically extracting faulty clips, and issuing alerts, the Observer RPM not only shows us the health of the services on our network, but also provides a visual record that our engineers can use to evaluate and repair any issues that arise,”...“An image is worth 1,000 words. With visibility into all services — no matter where they originate — we maintain real control over the video services delivered over our network.Iván Diaz, business development manager

The Observer brings a valuable range of capabilities to our operations, and it does so at an attractive price,”...“In addition to providing essential monitoring tools, the Volicon system gives us convenient access to aired content and the tools we need to evaluate and address a variety of critical elements, such as image and audio quality, news presentation, ratings and scheduling, and ad playout.Eric Jurgensen, general manager and programming director
America TV

When we specified equipment that would meet the requirements of SBP and its client, Sportcast, for Super Tennis playout facilities, the Volicon Observer was the clear fit for compliance monitoring,”...“The Observer system offers fast access to content archives and supplies clear, unambiguous evidence of compliance that can be easily provided for internal or regulatory review.Maurizio Maroli, marketing manager

With the Observer system, we have realized significant improvements to our monitoring operations,”...“Our staff can review many channels on a single screen and, when necessary, access suspect content in a very short time, so we’ve seen efficiency gains. The capacity of the Observer system also has proved valuable, as the large cache of recorded content gives us the flexibility to investigate possible infractions over a much longer period.Herant Malekyan, director of engineering

The Observer installation has allowed MACRA to move from monitoring broadcast channels independently, each with a dedicated staff member and workstation, to monitoring all broadcast channels from a single PC, operated by just one person,”...“In addition to simplifying MACRA’s compliance monitoring operations, the Volicon system has given the organization more robust storage for recorded content. Dean Ng’oma, managing director

Because the Observer makes it easy to review live and aired content over the network, staff from engineering, traffic, business affairs, and other departments not only can locate and access the video they require, but also create their own clips,”...“While the Observer brings welcome capabilities to staff across the organization, it provides me with ‘quality of experience’ alerts and logging that makes it easy to see trends. I also use the Volicon system to capture and play back the loudness metadata that confirms our compliance with the CALM Act. Jim Bennett, vice president
Crown Media

Our mission is to be the best and most successful provider of premium pay-TV sports coverage across the continent of Africa, and Volicon’s Observer system is proving to be an exceptionally valuable and reliable tool for monitoring and maintaining the integrity of our extensive broadcast offering,”...“Staff from engineering to sales can provide proof of what was broadcast, and do so quickly and with ease. Eddie McAlone, technical director
SuperSport Media Solutions

Volicon is the world leader in logging and monitoring, and its solutions come with superb local support from Visual Engineering Service, so the Observer was the logical choice for our operations,”...“The Observer makes it convenient for our staff to recall and review recorded content, whether from within our facilities or when on the road. As we extend our monitoring activities beyond Kampala, the simple expansion of our Volicon installation will facilitate monitoring of more radio and television channels across a broader geographic area.  Godfrey Mutabazi, executive director
Uganda Communications Commission

With our initial investment in Observer systems, we envisioned them monitoring what’s going out to air and providing proof that we aired content properly,”...“Since then, they have been in constant use, adding value on so many levels and in so many different ways. This system-wide upgrade gives us new Observer hardware with more robust capabilities, and the fact that we have been able to add in NAVE and CALM Act monitoring and view content from mobile devices feels like a bonus. Dave Folsom, vice president, chief technology officer
Raycom Media

As we built out the KETK NBC website, we realized we needed a way to put on-air content online, and not one company we approached was able to provide a solution — until we talked to Volicon,”...“The Observer system gives station staff the ability to access and review all of their on-air content, as well as tools that make it easy to create content for their websites. The system as a whole is just amazing.”...“The ease with which we can add video to station websites has made our products that much stronger,”...“The speed and simplicity of the Volicon solution helps each station get timely news online quickly, and that’s critical in the broadcast news environment. Andrew Newland, Web development manager
Communications Corporation of America

After looking at all the major players in the digital video monitoring field, we found that the Volicon Observer TS best met the requirements of our station engineers,”...“In addition to supporting quality control, legal compliance, and executive oversight of all our stations, the Volicon system gives us the opportunity to address all of these tasks from within a single solution. Mike Doback, Vice President of Engineering
Scripps Media

As we upgrade our cable operations, we’re committed to enhancing the reliability and quality of the services we offer,”...“The Observer RPM will help us do so, giving our facilities a cost-effective way to monitor signals being delivered to the set-top box and enabling our staff to be proactive in identifying and addressing issues rather than reacting to customer calls. The Observer system will significantly reduce the workload associated with monitoring, facilitate immediate notification of key staff across our business, and support faster identification of resolution of issues affecting the viewer experience. Terry Falls, senior vice president of network operations
Innovative Cable

We take pride in being the first media tracking company in East and Central Africa to provide real-time tracking for electronic and print monitoring, and the Volicon Observer system is critical to this service,”...“The system gives our staff real-time access to high-quality video streams, records HD video, provides mass video storage with smooth playback, integrates well with third-party applications, offers an array of intuitive tools for efficient management and monitoring of live and recorded content, and supports a range of export formats. The flexibility of the Observer system will make it easy to expand the channels we monitor and to roll out new services in response to market demand. Esther Kagiri, managing director

The Volicon Observer system was the best fit for our operations because it provided the monitoring and recording functionality we required, along with an interface that we felt was the most friendly for a broad group of users,”...“The Observer’s Web-based interface and easy-to-use search capabilities allow staff to find record times or elements such as closed-captioning. Because it’s pretty well a turnkey system, it requires little intervention by engineering to get users up and running. Greg Luedke, senior broadcast engineer
Starz Entertainment

Historically, we’ve had a number of disparate mechanisms in place for recording our off-air signal for content and sales validation purposes. It had become tedious and time consuming to locate the right content from the right day in order to confirm that we ran the right spot or included the right promo in a show,”...“We needed a much more efficient solution that would significantly increase the accessibility of recorded content. The Volicon Observer offered a reliable platform that met those requirements while also providing the monitoring functionality and usability we needed. Virtually every department here uses the Observer platform on a daily basis.”...“We have implemented many new technologies in recent years. Our investment in the Volicon Observer system is some of the best money we’ve spent,”...“Every once in a while we come across a technology that fundamentally changes the way we work, and the Volicon Observer platform is one of those technologies. Sean McGuire, director of engineering

The Volicon Observer RPM allows us to observe our broadcast products the same way they’re seen by customers,”...“Rather than perform time-consuming manual ‘zapping’ through all of our services several times each day, we now allow the Observer RPM to evaluate the STB output and identify audio and video issues. In cutting down the time required for monitoring tasks, the Volicon system also has cut the cost of monitoring our DTV services.”  Ralf Werle, headend manager

The Volicon Observer is the first multichannel browser-based recorder we tried at Levira, and with it we’ve been able to make a significant reduction in the cost and complexity of our monitoring operations,”...“The easy-to-use system is a much less expensive solution than the single-channel recording servers we used previously, and it not only allows us to monitor all channels from one place, but also enables very convenient sharing of recordings with our customers.”  Indrek Lepp, director of the Multimedia Services division

We are familiar with the installations at PBS headquarters and other sites where the Observer has been a reliable and cost-effective monitoring system,”...“When Volicon introduced us to the Observer Pro, which is not only compatible with our automation system, but also interoperable with our many Mac OS® X clients, it seemed like it would be a good fit for us."  Michael Foti, director of engineering

With features including auto scanning of channels, configurable audio, video outage parameters, audio bars, full-screen viewing, error logging, and remote control, the Observer RPM gives us the tools we need to monitor our services more effectively and to take a more proactive approach to maintaining service-level agreements,”...“The system’s Web-based interface supports convenient remote monitoring, making it easy for our staff to watch ‘out-of-footprint’ feeds. The Observer RPM’s error alerts ensure that our engineers can react and begin troubleshooting very quickly. Awaes Jaswal, CEO

Our commitment to high-quality programming permeates our organization, and we rely on systems such as the Observer to help us fulfill that commitment,”…“Since installing the Observer, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in our ability to validate performance and maintain transmission quality, and thus our operators are working smarter and more efficiently. Jonathan Perkes, Vice President of Engineering
Discovery Television and Technology Center

The Volicon Observer allows us to quickly access sponsored program elements, convert them into video clips, and transport them digitally to anywhere in the world,”… “Overall, it’s an extremely useful tool for helping us maintain the high level of quality and performance we require at the channel." Kevin Annison, Vice President of Business Development and Operations

I love the Observer! It’s hi-tech and sexy. It just works! We are extremely pleased with the efficiency of the Volicon Observer. It eliminates 4-6 hours a day of searching videotape… It used to take our public information officers half their days to search, edit together, and deliver important news stories to the city manager. Now, this process takes about an hour. Bennie Wilcox Jr., Manager
City of Dallas’ Cable Television Systems

The Volicon Observer has helped bring about a sea change in terms of how news content is managed at Governor Vilá’s office. Combined with the radio and print elements of the overall system, it provides an efficient, comprehensive solution for the office’s news monitoring needs. Abner Serrano, Engineering Consultant
Puerto Rico’s Governor Acevedo-Vilá

We were impressed with the Observer demonstration provided by HOEI because it illustrated how easily the system would enable us to meet government regulations and make the shift away from tape-based recording and archiving, Akihiro Shiraishi, Technical Officer
Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting

As soon as I saw the Volicon system and its capabilities, I knew it was the right solution for us,” …“Fundamentally, the key benefit the Observer offers is easy access to information, and this information is valuable to the operation of so many departments at our station. When I look at the Observer now, I think of the new application we found for it today, and I know we’ll find another use for it tomorrow and another the day after. Deana Coble, Director of Technology and Operations
WFMY News 2

The Observer RPM provides audio and video monitoring beyond the set-top box, and this capability augments the JSDU goal of continuous and proactive end-to-end visibility from ‘headend through the home,’”… “With Volicon’s Observer RPM, our customers achieve service visibility through to the media consumer, and this awareness is critical to the maintenance and availability of media delivery services. Paul Antolli, Vice President of Complementary Products Organization

The Observer records all audio, video, and closed captioning, providing us with simple access to recorded clips for compliance, along with an easy-to-use software interface for fast closed-caption word searches,”…“We were able to deploy the system within a day, with a negligible learning curve. As we continue to work with Volicon, we plan to leverage the technology to benefit our business beyond engineering and operations. John Ajamie, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations and Media Logistics
Scripps Networks

We really depend on private groups and benefit events for support, and we try to get as much positive exposure as possible to encourage continued generosity from fellow Texans,”… “Local media often cover stories about our patients and their families and how they’ve received care through the hospital. We have celebrities coming out to visit the kids as well, and the Observer gives us a very efficient means of finding those stories, whether they consist of a lengthy profile or a quick mention of just a few seconds. Roger Bell, Director of media services
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC)

Cable operators industry wide are more focused on quality assurance and on taking a more proactive approach to monitoring,”… “We do a very good job of getting alarms from telephone and data devices that are down, but to do the same for our channel map, we would have to assign a live body to scan all of our channels manually, all of the time. The Observer RPM automates this process, allowing us to dedicate technicians to other projects while improving customer satisfaction. It fit all our needs and proved very affordable compared with competing solutions. Gregg Gehlbach, Network Operations Center Manager
Sunflower Broadband

The Observer allows us to track our daily broadcasts and supply our advertising clients with clear proof that we’ve met the conditions of their media purchase orders”… “Easy access to recorded clips allows us to build trust with our advertisers and maintain an uninterrupted revenue stream from the airing of ad spots. We’re also able to use the content recorded by the Observer to keep an up-to-date archive of our broadcasts and enhance new broadcasts with the addition of archived clips. Odio Abiobele, Head of the IT Department
Silverbird Communications, Lagos, Nigeria

The Observer system gives us functionality similar to that of a security system, but with extended storage capability and a much better broadcast-quality picture that provides smooth playback on a full-screen display,”… “We needed a set-it-and-forget-it application, and the proven performance and reliability of the Observer system ensures that we can access the video we want when we want it. It’s been bulletproof for us so far. Dale Looper, Engineering/Program Operations Manager
Bright House Networks

Before adopting the Observer RPM system, we relied on staff review of channels and calls from subscribers to identify issues with channels, particularly those with fewer viewers”… “The Observer RPM has found problems in the middle of the night, before we get calls and before our service center is open, so we’ve been able to work proactively in maintaining maximum uptime for our channels. We’ve noticed a significant decrease in calls, and I’d estimate that 95 percent of the time, our Volicon system is addressing outages before our customers are even aware of them. Jeff Kelly, Chief Engineer
Service Electric Cable TV

The Observer system helps cable operators achieve a better visual understanding of how select types of MPEG problems detected by our StreamScope RM-40 monitoring and analysis system affect the viewer experience,”… “This helps operators determine what kinds of problems are likely to result in complaint calls. Ralph Bachofen, Director of Product Management and Marketing
Triveni Digital

Observer gives us powerful new tools for improving our business at both the group and station level,”…“Corporate officers and outside consultants can easily view all of our stations and get directly involved without each station having to go through the expense and effort of sending tapes, DVDs, or video clips. We use the Observer Central Monitoring system to provide station group executives and consultants with immediate and comprehensive access to all of Raycom’s broadcast stations. The Observer solution has been a perfect fit for us, both in function and budget. Dave Folsom, Vice President of Technology and CTO
Raycom Media

We’re very pleased to be representing Volicon products in Japan,”… “The unique capabilities of the Observer system offer many new benefits to broadcasters. With Volicon systems among the best-of-breed systems we supply, we’re able to offer Japanese broadcasters new levels of functionality and efficiency in monitoring broadcast integrity and content. Mr. Takanori Kudo, Group Manager of System Products’ Sales Department.
HOEI, Tokyo, Japan

Our alliance with Volicon gives us the continued distinction of representing companies on the leading edge of broadcast technology,”… “Volicon’s expertise and knowledge in signal analysis, acquisition, alerting, recording, archiving, and streaming of real-time applications will certainly strengthen our portfolio. The company’s Observer RPM products are exceptionally well-suited to the CATV market, particularly with the industry’s current shift toward all-digital transmission networks transporting hundreds of channels. Guy Levassar, Director of Business Development
Mega Hertz

As a television network with a large geographic distribution of stations across the country, we’re very aware that simplified monitoring and compliance are critical to our operations”... “When I saw how efficient the Volicon Observer was, I knew it was the system for us. Reinaldo Gilli, Engineering and Operations Director
TV Record, São Paulo, Brazil

The immediacy provided by the Observer system allows us to work far more efficiently and to disseminate information at a very high level across our facilities, as well as to our clients,”…“We looked at other products, but none offered the same features or Observer’s capacity for closed-captioning monitoring. That’s an important aspect of every program, and Observer gives us a very effective way to confirm closed-caption display and to perform rapid keyword searches when necessary.” …“We are a rapidly growing communication organization, and the ability to coordinate the exchange of information across our facilities is a real issue. The Observer system gives us a valuable tool for gathering, sharing, and reviewing critical data about our broadcasts, even when staff is spread across separate buildings or locations. Bart Palmer, CTO and Vice President of Engineering
The Inspiration Networks and MediaComm

We put great value in the cultivation of the possibilities that digital video systems can provide our operations,” …“Volicon’s Observer system helps us capitalize on these opportunities by enabling our personnel to monitor and analyze video quickly through a simple and intuitive interface. As a result, we dedicate less time and fewer resources on our monitoring tasks, and we are able to act rapidly in addressing issues that could compromise the programming transmitted to our viewers. Risto Sirts, System Architect
Eesti Television, Tallinn, Estonia

The Volicon Observer has helped bring about a sea of change in terms of how news content is managed at Governor Vilá’s office,”… “Combined with the radio and print elements of the overall system, it provides an efficient, comprehensive solution for the office’s news monitoring needs. Abner Serrano, Consulting Engineer
RGB Broadcast Services

I had been looking for a system like the Volicon Observer for quite some time,”… “In addition to the on-air logging, we needed to be able to automate the storage of these signals for both our NTSC and digital stations. The ability to quickly search on-air events for content as well as the capability for multiple users within the station to access the unit from their desktops was also a necessity. In short, the Observer meets all of these needs. Bob Sink, Assistant Chief Engineer

In addition to replacing our traditional analog tape based system currently in use, the Observer system offers us powerful new capabilities helping to streamline our network operations and ensure signal quality,”…“Now we have the ability to instantly retrieve and email requested video clips as proof of advertising to our clients as well as remotely monitor our broadcasts by streaming them live over the Internet. Lisa Hyams, Acting Senior Vice President of Operations
Discovery Networks, Latina America

We purchased the Observer for archiving and were pleasantly surprised to find a number of additional uses for the many features. From an engineering standpoint, the Observer passed the most important test: it worked exactly as advertised, right out of the box- and is still working flawlessly. John Scott, Chief Engineer
KPLC (Raycom Media Station)

Previously, when a request came through for a recorded segment we would have to manually find and pull the tape off the shelf, a cumbersome and sometimes unreliable process. Now we can pull live or archived data instantly and share it over the internet, without even having to leave our desks. The observer enables CBS News to look at what our competitors are doing at any time, a major benefit for us. As events go on the air, we can actually see who broke the story first, right down to the second. Frank Governale, Vice President of Operations
CBS News

An entire wall of recorded tape logs have been replaced by a user-friendly tool that is immediately available to all station departments. The system has been online for almost a year without any downtime or maintenance issues. The observer frees my Master Control operators from the daily chore of changing three 8-hour logger tapes. The Observer is very straight-forward in its operation and performs all the tasks I need. It really worked, as they say, right out of the box. In addition to the on air logging, the Observer automates the storage of both our NTSC and digital stations. Bob Sink, Assistant Chief Engineer

Before, it took us an enormous amount of time and effort to locate a specific item. Volicon has made this process fast, easy, and effective. The uncomplicated Volicon system makes it so easy to capture information that even our interns are now experts at it! Jose Luis Torres, Manager, Public Information Office
City of Dallas

We put the Observer system through a rigorous evaluation process, and it was the only solution that stood up to the test and met all of our requirements…With the Observer installed in our Milan broadcast facility, we streamlined our monitoring processes and are experiencing much greater flexibility in identifying and accessing recorded clips. Ben Leenders, Engineering Manager
Sky Italia, Milan, Italy

Because the Observer is file based and utilizes our existing IT network, it’s right in line with our strategy to adopt digital systems in support of our upcoming migration to HD broadcasting…By replacing inefficient, manual tape-based processes, the Observer will make it much easier for us to stay in compliance and remain accountable to our customers and viewers. Bernard Langlois, Technical Director
Télé-Québec - Quebec, Canada

The Observer is an essential player in our overall strategy to transition to a digital, file-based infrastructure for broadcasting operations, and we believe it will be an ideal solution for standardizing on a single monitoring platform across all of our stations… The system’s ability to provide centralized monitoring for a large number of remote stations, its advanced alarming and notification capabilities, and its ubiquitous desktop access were all large selling points. Shea Clark, Director of Engineering Support and Services
ION Media Networks

Volicon has some of the best support people I’ve ever worked with. They’re proactively involved in supporting their Observers, checking on them to make sure they’re running correctly. James Jefferies, Manager of Development
Raycom Media

In the short time that it has been up and running, the Observer has already caught the attention of other departments that can see its value for such functions as verifying to customers that advertising aired as contracted, or monitoring and evaluating newscasts for quality control. Rich Lochmann, Director of Engineering

The Observer provides the full functionality we require at a fraction of the cost of its competitors…Since we are able to identify, troubleshoot, and document problems much faster, Observer is helping ensure that we provide the top levels of service to our subscribers and avoid noncompliance penalties. Derek Caney, Vice President of Technology
TV Cable, Ecuador

Previously, we were having to check the lineup manually at least six times in every 24-hour period, a task that was tying up two to four engineers for 20 to 40 minutes each time…Now, those engineers are free to concentrate on verifying other equipment, and since the Observers are constantly scanning, we have a much more consistent and reliable method for identifying and correcting failures before they become customer complaints. Harold Brady, Headend Manager
Cable Onda - Panama

I’m a true believer in the Volicon Observer. It has drastically improved our corporate processes for evaluating the quality of our broadcasts and providing compliance reporting, and the stations are completely committed to the system; they’ve been using it effectively from the beginning…Of the products we evaluated, the Observer was head and shoulders above the others for its long-term storage capacity, ability to monitor multiple channels simultaneously and remotely, as well as alarms and notifications for alerting people at anytime and anywhere if a problem needs to be corrected. Brady Dreasler, Director of Capital, Engineering, and Facilities
Quincy Newspapers

For IZZI, the Volicon Observer was the clear choice over other monitoring solutions because of its highly flexible features for monitoring and alerts, as well as its ability to analyze a signal coming directly from a set-top box…Since implementing the Observer, IZZI has been able to increase its quality levels significantly and reduce its operating costs. The system does a much more thorough job of catching errors than human operators could, and the operators can now be deployed more cost-effectively. Dmitry Gerasimenko, Managing Director of TILTS Integration Ltd
IZZI, Latvia

All of our broadcast clients require that we give them an air check so they can verify the integrity of the signal we are transmitting for them. The Observer gives clients much more convenience and flexibility in accessing and sharing their aired content, which offers them significant time savings as well. Furthermore Volicon’s technical support has been second to none. Steven Southern, Senior Broadcast Engineer
Crawford Communications

We looked at a number of other platforms, but the Observer’s search capabilities were far and away the best on the market — and the system offers us a way to differentiate ourselves by providing a much higher-quality end product than the low-res clips that other news monitoring services provide. Brian Sargent, FOX Account Executive
ITN Source

With the Observer, we can count on consistent high-quality recorded video that is incredibly easy to access and use, and the savings in rack space, videotapes, and maintenance for VCR systems has yielded an impressive return on our investment. Roengrit Sereejumroenrojn, Senior Manager of Transmission
True Visions, Thailand

It’s a great tool. I use it almost daily and I know it gets a lot of use around the building. It’s performing very well for us. I would recommend it to anyone. Dennis Majewicz, Director of Engineering
WIVB / WNLO Television

Just to make sure the word gets up there, I continue to be impressed by the responsiveness and ingenuity of your support team. It’s one thing to buy a good product. It’s another to get complete and full support after the sale – above and beyond. I really hope your pushing that as a part of your sales pitch. James Jefferies, Manager of Development
Raycom Media

Magazine Articles Quotes:

After testing the Volicon Observer, I can’t imagine why any station or network would not want to have one. …the monitoring, search and management functionality make this an incredibly powerful asset for a wide range of users including PR firms, ad agencies, content providers and media research groups….There are hundredths of applications made possible by the ability to search unlimited television streams worldwide on any topic, name, brand or phrase. And the ease of clip management and transfer combine to make this an extraordinary tool with a universe of applications. Volicon Observer: Multichannel Recorder, By Geoff Poister, PhD
TV Technology Magazine

Going tapeless with the Volicon Observer means more than just getting rid of tape…The fact that the Observer can do so many things, and do them so well, is undeniably impressive. Keeping an Eye on the Competition, By James Careless
TVB Television Broadcast

The Observer RPM system seems to be the only product currently on the market that offers this functionality at an appealing price point. Volicon Observer RPM Improves Monitoring Workflow Efficiencies at Time Warner Bob McFalls, Network Operations Manager
Time Warner, San Diego Division

Flexible access to the Observe rmnitoring system saves us time, as it is possible to work with the system from any connected workstation in the facility….The advantage we gain is well worth the investment. KAB Goes Tapeless, By Akihiro Shiraishi
TV Technology, Asia Pacific

With the Observer we have been able to move to a completely digital environment for recording and storage that runs on our existing IT network, saving time and helping our entire facility operate more efficiently. Advanced Digital Video Recording
Dorit Lenz, Head of IT
Keshet TV

We were using modified TIVO’s and they are very time consuming when going back to see what happened on any particular channel, date and time Frank Shorter, Chief of Broadcast Engineering
Defense Media Center