Volicon Customer Use Cases:

Discovery Television – Ad and quality of service monitoringof 32 Channels

Monitoring 28 SDI channels and 4 HD channels including: Travel Channel, BBC America, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and The Science Channel.

The Observer installation is used to verify broadcasting performance and provide validation to advertisers as well as internal and external clients. The system records the satellite downlink that we receive for each channel, enabling us to view the same broadcast that our cable headends are receiving. In this manner, it can verify that programming and advertising have aired on-schedule. The Observer’s Content Export feature is employed to download a clip of a program and email it to anyone who requires proof that the content aired, whether the requester is an advertiser or one of Discovery’s business managers.

Our commitment to high-quality programming permeates our organization, and we rely on systems such as the Observer to help us fulfill that commitment,”…“Since installing the Observer, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in our ability to validate performance and maintain transmission quality, and thus our operators are working smarter and more efficiently.Jonathan Perkes, Vice President of Engineering
Discovery Television and Technology Center

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Fox SPEED – Sponsored elements monitoring

SPEED airs several sponsored elements during races. Staff members need a way of identifying for sponsors exactly when and where a particular element was run. Unlike a commercial, which is routed through SPEED’s traffic system with a special ID, sponsored elements are not as easily identifiable. Staff members use the system’s closed-caption search functionality to find key words, such as a sponsor name, within a specified time window, locate exactly when and where the sponsored element ran, create a clip of it, and email or FTP it to the sponsor.

The Volicon Observer allows us to quickly access sponsored program elements, convert them into video clips, and transport them digitally to anywhere in the world,”… “Overall, it’s an extremely useful tool for helping us maintain the high level of quality and performance we require at the channel.Kevin Annison, Vice President of Business Development and Operations

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Raycom Media - Compliance logging, central monitoring and ad verification at 52 U.S. Stations

Individual Raycom stations use their Observer systems as an FCC-approved source of programming backup and proof for any compliance or advertiser inquiries. Observer offers each station the tools needed to review and improve the on-air product. The system generates alerts for technical problems and targeted closed-caption keywords, exports video clips, and archives the station’s broadcast without the expense or hassle of manual recording to tape or saving to DVD. Volicon’s Observer also allows stations to record their competitors in the market and compare their performance.

Corporate officers and outside consultants can easily view all of our stations and get directly involved without each station having to go through the expense and effort of sending tapes, DVDs, or video clips. We use the Observer Central Monitoring system to provide station group executives and consultants with immediate and comprehensive access to all of Raycom’s broadcast stations. The Observer solution has been a perfect fit for us, both in function and budget.Dave Folsom, Vice President of Technology and CTO
Raycom Media

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CBS News - Competitive news analysis

Previously, when a request came through for a recorded segment we would have to manually find and pull the tape off the shelf, a cumbersome and sometimes unreliable process. Now we can pull live or archived data instantly and share it over the internet, without even having to leave our desks. The observer enables CBS News to look at what our competitors are doing at any time, a major benefit for us. As events go on the air, we can actually see who broke the story first, right down to the second.Frank Governale, Vice President of Operations
CBS News

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ION Media – Central monitoring, compliance logging and quality of service at 56 U.S. Stations

Observer systems enable ION Media to maintain across-the-board quality of service (QoS) standards, compliance logging, and ad verification, while providing centralized video monitoring of 56 US stations and review capabilities to its management.

The system’s ability to provide centralized monitoring for a large number of remote stations, its advanced alarming and notification capabilities, and its ubiquitous desktop access were all large selling points.Shea Clark, Director of Engineering Support and Services
ION Media Networks

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Sky Italia

The 52-channel Observer system, purchased through Rome-based systems integrator Allyn, has replaced SKY Italia’s previous tape-based model to simplify the broadcaster’s monitoring workflow. The system is planned to be scaled to accommodate additional channels, and SKY Italia’s plans include future expansion to monitor as many as 120 channels.

With the Observer installed in our Milan broadcast facility, we streamlined our monitoring processes and are experiencing much greater flexibility in identifying and accessing recorded clips.Ben Leenders, Engineering Manager
Sky Italia, Milan, Italy

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Observer to Track and Monitor Campaign Advertising in 150 Mexican Cities

At IFE (Instituto Federal Electoral), the Observer based installation will act as a media monitoring tool to ensure that political candidates comply with recently enacted Mexican election laws. 219 Volicon Observer systems will be monitoring a total of 2,376 television and radio stations. Each system is equipped with Volicon’s content matching module, which detects a segment’s unique audio “fingerprint” to enable operators to flag and access a specific advertisement when it appears in a broadcast.

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Quincy Newspapers

To date, four-channel Volicon Observer systems with 13 months of storage have been implemented at eight QNI stations, with the remaining five stations expected to come online at a later date. The Observer systems provide a digital, file-based replacement for the stations’ former VHF tape-based systems, which were inefficient and lacked flexibility.

the Volicon Observer has drastically improved our corporate processes for evaluating the quality of our broadcasts and providing compliance reporting …Of the products we evaluated, the Observer was head and shoulders above the others for its long-term storage capacity, ability to monitor multiple channels simultaneously and remotely, as well as providing alarms and notifications.Brady Dreasler, Director of Capital, Engineering, and Facilities
Quincy Newspapers

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Crawford Communications

Crawford is using SD and HD Observer system to enable one of its clients to view a downlink of the network’s aired broadcast. Additionally the system validates the integrity and quality of the signal as well as verifies that advertising ran as scheduled. The Observer system has been put into service for another Crawford client, Latin American Pay Television (LAPTV).

All of our broadcast clients require that we give them an air check so they can verify the integrity of the signal we are transmitting for them. The Observer gives clients much more convenience and flexibility in accessing and sharing their aired content, which offers them significant time savings as well. Furthermore Volicon’s technical support has been second to none.Steven Southern, Senior Broadcast Engineer
Crawford Communications

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Time Warner San Diego, Cox Phoenix, Cox San Diego

The Observer RPM automates the channel-scanning process, operating unattended as it scans as many as 500 video channels continuously — and multiple channels simultaneously — to verify the presence of video and audio and to detect problems such as frozen video, black video, loss of video signal, and low-level audio. Each problem is recorded and reported to the operator via e-mail or cell phone alarm for review and analysis.

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