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Powerful Tools that Accelerate Critical Broadcasting Workflows for Compliance, Quality, and Content Repurposing

The Media Intelligence Service (MIS) provides a unified solution to record and store any source of broadcast and streaming content. With the platform’s five applications, stakeholders and partners of your organization can produce quality and compliant content, quickly verify ad placement, efficiently monitor competition, and repurpose video for linear, websites, and social media.The MIS is a scalable enterprise grade solution that make accessible content and functionality relevant to each department in the media enterprise.

Media Intelligence Service 

Volicon’s Media Intelligence Service™ suite of applications will transform the way you create, share & monitor your broadcasts.

Search, clip and publish content for web, social media, and team collaboration. Integrate with CMSs and OVPs

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Volicon and Uplynk Video Streaming for fast, economical launch of OTT offerings.

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Increase ratings, gain insightful competitive analysis, and improve strategies for increased advertising revenues

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Ensure that compliance standards are met and exceeded with Volicon’s 24/7 Logging

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Monitor broadcast quality, report faults, and use full recording to instantly evaluate the source of detected errors

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